Friday, October 31, 2008

Operation Determination Completed

It is Friday evening. 9:57. We are all settled in at the "sanctuary." Operation Determination has been completed.

This morning, Cousin Sue brought our emergency ballots, which we filled out and returned to her by noon. Our civic duty/responsibility/privilege has been completed.

Also, this morning, I had a bath. It felt good to have my hair and beard shampooed and to have my body washed. I was able to put a on a t-shirt, pantalones (aka, adult diaper) and even a pair of boxer shorts. With the addition of soft leather slippers, I was ready for the ambulance ride home.

My last hospital meal was quite good - baked chicken w/gravy and stuffing. For dessert, I chose something from the plastic pumpkin!

Soon after I finished lunch, Kyle and Steve from the Honesdale EMS were ready to carry out the mobilization phase of Operation Determination. After a few tearful goodbyes, I was off 3rd Floor, on to the elevator, and on my way to the ambulance. The ride to the the woodland retreat was relatively uneventful - Steve did a good job avoiding the potholes. When we arrived, our friend Keri was ready to capture the moment in pictures. Here, Keri is waiting on the porch for us to arrive. This is our woodland refuge . . .

Steve opens the back door of the ambulance and begins to move me out.

Now, out of the ambulance, I am greeted by Diane, one of the fine hospice nurses who cares for me and my family.

Kyle and Steve guide the stretcher up the narrow stone walkway leading to the front porch. Diane looks on to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Once inside, they take me back the hall to the room that has been prepared for me. Unable to guide the stretcher into the room, they decide that they must lift me off the stretcher and carry me. Kyle and Steve eventually "drop" me into bed and get me positioned correctly. Oh, how comfortable it was/is!

I thank Keri for her sacrificial gift of hospitality. She and her family, with help from many other friends, have rearranged their lives and home to accomodate our stay with them. The room where we are staying, for example, has been filled with personal photographs and mementos from our bedroom at home. Keri poses with me. You can observe that I have been shedding tears of joy over the sacrificial gift that we have been given.

Our good friend Debbie has baked, has helped spruce up the room, and has run numerous errands to help Keri prepare the home for this day.

There are many others who have contributed in ways that we do not even know. For all of this, we thank God.

This evening has been somewhat of a blur, as medications have been adjusted for the ride home and I have adjusted to new surroundings. Our two families are quickly adjusting to living together in the same household.

Rod McLaughlin, the godly head of this household, has prepared his family well for what they may face in the days and weeks to come.

It has been a busy, productive, exciting day. Another gift from God above. I talked to our son from WP tonight. He is excited to come home, although he is sad to leave the place where God has him. I know that I will cherish our moments together, appreciate each conversation, enjoy each song we sing . . .

Tomorrow brings the promise of another new day. Until then.


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

I do believe you are getting a taste of heaven. I find myself in awe of the different chapters of this story of your life. Your Heavenly Father is showering you and your family with love, this is what it's like to know the Lord and be surrounded by godly brothers and sisters in Christ. Peace to you, dear brother.

Cindy and fam

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Bond!

Blair Fisher again - just thinking about you and your family. I LOVE your woodland retreat - what an awesome place to see the beauty of God's work! I hope and pray that you and your family have as much time as possible to spend together deeply loving each other and preparing for the goodbyes that we all face. I know that it's hard, but it's made SO much easier knowing that it's only temporary - only the blink of an eye, really! I'd say "God Bless You," but that would just be stating the obvious - He already has! Shalom, brother.

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