Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Photographs and Memories

In the past three weeks, we have tried to capture our family and friends digitally. Some of the photographs, including those of my college friends who visited a few weeks ago, are being held ransom by a friend's rebel camera. We are still negotiating ther release and subsequent publication. In the meantime, here are some photos taken yesterday, mostly on on our back deck. We enjoyed two or three hours outside in the sun (mixed with clouds). It was a beautiful fall day.

My sister Ann and our younger son pose for the camera. Our son's sensitivity to light warrants his wearing of these cool sunglasses. Note the black turtleneck - an early indication of his desire to be what my friend Bruce might call a "snappy dresser."

Indoors, earlier yesterday morning, my son and I spent some time creating artwork using paper, pencils, markers, and scissors. Our son has a great imagination and enjoys creating things.

The pig nose was a purchase made at a local pumpkin farm during a Kindergarten field trip on Monday. A little thing, but a lot of fun. It prompted quite a round of animal-sound making on Tuesday morning during our regularly-scheduled, pre-dress and wash-up snuggle time.

Here I am with my sister Ann. How about the return of my facial hair? My younger son thinks that I look like a real daddy again! Ann has been such a delight and help to us over the past few weeks. I have enjoyed watching her interact with our children and playing Wii each night in attempt to cut down her "fitness age." While she has been here, we have also been able to spend some time with two of our nieces.

Here is a photo of my wife and my sister. I like that they enjoy not only an obligatory in-law relationship, but that they are more like sisters and friends. Ann, as I have mentioned, has been a great help and blessing to all of us, but especially to my wife.

Finally, here is a photograph of my sister Ann and our daughter. Our daughter just had three inches of hair removed from her head and is as beautiful as the day God created her.

I am thankful for family and friends. God, even in this, has blessed us beyond measure.


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