Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pictures from Operation Determination

Operation Determination, as I call it, is our relocation to the McLaughlin home. Below are a few pictures related to the move.

Here, two of the young McLaughlin ladies are shown in the van on their way from our home to theirs, transporting some of the things that our family will need.

Here is the "famous" bowl that must not be stepped (on). Just a bowl of salad.

Mr. McLaughlin has gone out of his way to prepare his home for our arrival. He prepared a place for our daughter to sleep in a loft area located in his daughter's room. Here, three of the girls try out the new "sleeping" space.

Mrs. Mclaughlin, the tireless co-leader of the operation, rests at the wheel of the van.

Operation Determination will be a blessing! It will be almost like a vacation on the woods. We are thankful for the sacrificial hospitality of the McLaughlin Family.


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