Monday, October 20, 2008

Photographs of the de Haan Clan

The de Haan clan arrived on Sunday evening. Today was spent talking, playing games, and eating. As promised, here are some photographs from our first full day together. Below, Stephen enjoys a quiet moment on the sofa. But just a moment.

The cousins take a break from their busy play time to huddle together on the double rocker. Batman looks scared!

Phyllis and Peter, the fearless clan leaders, enjoy conversation in the living room.

Sheri shares a mysterious smile in the midst of an exciting game of Scattergories. Is she already feeling uneasy about her "creative" answer?

Uncle Stephen and Grandpa Peter take a break from the game to ponder something. What, we are not sure. Perhaps it is Sheri's last answer.

Steve shares a quiet moment with daughter Sydney. Steve still looks concerned about Sheri's answer. Sydney is simply content to be with her dad.

Tomorrow is a new day, and there is a promise of more photographs.


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