Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Pictures from the Hospital Room

We are trying to remember to take some pictures while we are here in the hospital. Unfortunately, we do not always remember when guests are here, so all of our visitors have not been captured. But here is what we have . . .

My wife tries to get close to me on the hospital bed. My younger son's arm is in the background.

There he is! My younger son is now in full view of the camera.

The Ashleys dropped in for a visit, bearing a gift - Mountain Dew. I think that this is the first Dew I have had since being diagnosed with cancer. Later, we enjoyed chili dogs, taco wraps, and vinegar fries from a local eatery.

Rod McLaughlin and his daughter pose next to the hospital bed with me before taking our children back to their home.

Again, we have had many other visitors, but often forget to take pictures. We are thankful for the love that has been demonstrated to us through our many friends and family members.

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arcy said...

A nice family you have in there. Does Family Blessings give you this very merry family?