Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Quiet Day

Last night we had a bit of a Wii tournament here at the house. It was fun, even as a spectator.

We seemed to be able to get my pain under better control last night. It still tends to subside in my lower left abdomen.

It is a beautiful fall day. The house was bustling with activity this morning. I woke up and spent an hour or so talking with Jamie and my brothers around the dining room table.

At about 9:30, my parents arrived with my sister Lisa. They brought a copy of the Wayne Independent featuring a story on our family and an update on our battle with cancer. The article was well-written. My mother was so thrilled to have her picture on the front page of the local newspaper!

We all enjoyed a big breakast featuring egg casserole, home fries, fresh fruit, and cinnamon rolls.

After breakfast, my two brothers installed a new ceiling fan in our kitchen. It looks great.

Somtime during the morning, Courtney, one of my daughter's friends arrived to spend the day.

Later in the morning, Joe, my high school Spanish teacher dropped by for a short visit.

After breakfast, the house cleared out as different groups went their own way to pursue various activities.

In the quiet of the afternoon, my wife and I napped and then recorded a few more stories on tape for my younger son.

I have interacted with several more fraternity brothers, and have enjoyed catching up on what they are doing now - 25 years later.

Overall, it has been a quiet, relaxing day. It is nice to be surrounded by family and friends. It is nice to be given the opportunity to say our last goodbyes in person. While I am still coherent. While we still have the opportunity to say the things we want to say. Now to take advantage of the opportunity.


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

I read the article in the online paper today and it was precious! I loved seeing you wearing your WP shirt. You are a brave man with a beautiful family. I admire you for embracing every second of life so appreciatively. Your life is impacting others, may we all be able to say that about ours. Thank you for pointing others to the Lord and being such an honorable man and example.

Glad you had less pain today. We continue to pray and lift you all up to Jesus!

Your blogging pal,


emisiura said...

mr. bond-
i just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you and your family. reading your blog has encouraged and impacted me greatly. i have had the opportunity to show a couple of my friends your blog and they are able to see a difference in your life through your testimony and i thank you for that. my favorite memory with you will always be the first time you said to our class..."oh oh belly button" haha class was always great with you:) youre in my thoughts daily- love elizabeth (misiura:))

ccandn said...

Jim Bond,

You have been in my thoughts many times over the years and I recently learned of your battle through communication with your parents. Please know that you and your beautiful family are and will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care of yourself.

Love your friend always,
Chris Kobeski

Kelly said...

I read your story online; was born and raised in Varden live outside of Hazleton now but still read the hometown paper and your story touched me. I am now reading your blog and you can count me in for prayers; I don't know if I could be as strong but God is still blessing you at this very difficult time of life! May God continue to hold your family in his hands! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family!

Kelly Savitz-Hoherchak

Abel Family News said...

Hi...I found you story on line at the Wayne Independent.

I don't know you or your family, but you are in our thoughts and prayers.

I also am wondering about someting that I have to ask.

Are you familiar with Holistic Healing?

I have been studying this for awhile now...and have heard of many miracles using this approach.

Patrick Family Blessings said...

Sorry for interrupting but do you know any expert counselor or family blessings lecturer? I think with all the troubles my family is experiencing, we badly need either of the two. Thanks.

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