Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Is On My Mind?

What is on my mind?
A set of Adirondack chairs on a lakefront dock.

My wife and I

And a good cup of coffee.

Enough said?


Abel Family News said...

Could I have your e-mail address?


I have some info I would like to e-mail you.

Kelly said...

What great thoughts and pictures!! I wish I knew your family; you all seem like truly wonderful people! I look forward to your blogs and worry when a new one doesn't appear but I am glad you have your family and their well being as a priority; as it should be!
But you are honestly in my thoughts and prayers daily and your story is amazing!

May God continue to Bless you all!

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

I don't drink coffee but it sure sounds like a sweet time. You are embracing each day as we all should. We have your name on our kitchen blackboard and just finished praying for you during lunch.

With Christ's love,

The W-H's

sesg said...

Jim--I knew you 26 years ago--how's that for a "blast from the past", young and stupid (ok, at least I was). First, I want to say how sorry I am for what you are going through. Your faith is incredible-inspirational! Your wife is an amazing woman and you have 3 great kids to be proud of (West Point--awesome!!). Of course, family is priority, but if you care to catch up, my email is

Anonymous said...

You're wife is a hotty! (all said in respect, i am a female as well!) You're blogs are very up-lifting and I give God the gory for these as well as you do! I have my 15 year old son read these with me as well, as we are a team alone. You're qoutes you leave us readers with are so encouraging as well with scripture you provide. I believe you will recieve many crowns but i also know you are not doing this for your own satisfaction. My aunt passed away and suffered tremendously from cancer. She was a great example for Christ as well as you are. I asked my grandmother why God would make someone suffer as much as her as being a christian. She answered Christ suffered for us. It's amazing how my aunts cancer and death brought me closer to Christ in a hard time and personal problems in my own life. I believe that God is using you in the same way to uplift non-believers and strayers from Christ. God bless you and your family, I hope this was encouraging to you as you have been encouraging to all of us readers who check your blog daily.

Sassy Family Blessings said...

Oh, I get it. What you said just now awfully reminds me of what that family blessings
speaker said to us back then.

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