Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Evening with the McLaughlins

This evening, we were able to spend some time with good friends, friends - as I mentioned earlier - that have cared for our children in their home during our many hospital stays over the past ten months. It was an evening filled with many laughs and tears. And a very sweet time of prayer.

Below, our son and their youngest son emerge from upstairs as the fearless duo of Batman and Goggleman.
The ladies enjoy a great laugh together.

The reason for their laughter. There is no satisfactory explanation of what is happening here. Some kind of female bonding ritual, perhaps.

Our good friends relax after dinner.


tearley63 said...

Uncle Jim, I absolutely love the pics with Ally, they are priceless. It looks like the girls had a crazy good time. :)


christina said...

Great pics in there, Family bonding I guess. Hope your also doing your Family Blessings.

yuri said...

I really like batman and googleman. But wait is their really a googleman? LOL.... How about covenantman? or maybe marriageman? In that we can make a batgoogle or even Covenant Marriage..