Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Sister Ann

My sister Ann left this morning to drive back to Columbia, SC, where her husband, I am certain, misses her after two weeks of being here with us in Pennsylvania.

It was a tearful goodbye, as we had a great time together. It was great to spend time with her, and she was such a help and encouragement to all of us as she pitched in with household chores, meals, bedtime routines, errands, getting the children to and from school. etc.

It was a difficult goodbye, not knowing whether we will see each other again - a thought that was unspoken but certainly shared.

Here is Ann, below, enjoying a moment with our younger son.

As I have mentioned before, I am thankful to God for blessing me with a wonderful family - two parents, two brothers, and two sisters who love me and care about me.


Fiona said...

Dear Mr. Bond,

You likely don't remember me, but I was one of your students at the Walker school, probably over 10 years ago now. I heard about your blog through a classmate of mine. I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. I wanted to let you know that you made a great impression on a lot of us middle schoolers back at Walker, and we will keep you in our thoughts. May you and your family be blessed.

~Fiona Fang

Bruce Thomson said...


Not unlike Fiona below, I doubt you remember me, but I too was a student of yours in 7th grade science at Walker. I find your story touching and what you are doing for your children courageous. I wish you and your family only the best.

Bruce Thomson

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