Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Is "The Candy Day"

It's Thursday. [I am not getting any more creative with my opening sentences.]

As my wife prepares lunch, I am taking this opportunity to begin writing this post for the day.

Skimming through the Psalms, I focused for a few minutes on the privileges we have as God's children.

God is . . .

our Glory (Psalm 3:3).

our King (Psalm 5:2).
our Deliverer (Psalm 18:2).
our Redeemer (Psalm 19:14).

our Light and our Salvation (Psalm 27:1).
our Helper (Psalm 33:20).
our Strength (Psalm 46:1).
our Guide (Psalm 48:14)

our Portion (Psalm 73:26).
our Shield (Psalm 84:11).
our Habitation (Psalm 90:1)
0ur Keeper (Psalm 121:4-5).

Our younger son has dubbed this day The Candy Day (details to follow).

After a good night's rest, my wife and I arose early - it was probably 4:30 when she got up, and a half-hour later when she woke me up - to see Stephen, Sheri, Sydney, and Samantha off to Atlanta.

My wife climbed back into bed - we have been sleeping downstairs on the pull-out sofa for a month now - and we began reading e-mails that have arrived in the past week. E-mails that I have read, but ones that my wife has not been able to enjoy because of the busy-ness.

At some point, our younger son came downstairs and snuggled beside us in the bed.

At 6:15, my wife woke up our daughter and pre-school preparations got underway. A friend graciously offered to drive our daughter to school today, enabling my wife to remain in her pajamas and enjoy a quiet morning at home.

The four of us were able to enjoy an extended time of prayer together before our daughter left for school. It was a very sweet time.

My wife prepared breakfast for me - scrambled eggs, bacon, and grits. It was quite a treat.

After a few light chores, my wife was able to crawl up alongside me and enjoy reading more e-mails. There are still many left to read. And new ones keep coming.

My son and I enjoyed reading several books together and have plans for doing some more constructive activities this afternoon. I was also just informed that we would be playing Monopoly after lunch.

The highlight of our day, so far, has been dubbed by our son as The Candy Day.

Yesterday, in addition to bringing home a great variety of fudge for dessert, Stephen and Sheri went on a scavenger hunt of sorts - at CVS - to pick up a variety of "treats" that I listed on a piece of paper.

Some people may choose to spend their final days in exotic locations, taking risks, or both. I simply want to spend time with family and friends and enjoy some of my favorite foods. And candy.

This morning, the three of us sampled the goods collected by Stephen and Sheri. The Candy Day experience featured samples of white cheddar cheese popcorn, Jordan almonds, Necco wafers, malted milk balls, mini-Heath Bars, and assorted flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans. There is also toffee popcorn, but that will wait for another time. We taught our son to enjoy each flavor, especially when it came time to sampling the jelly beans. Guessing the flavors is difficult without lablels!

I also took some time to tell our son about how we used to visit the candy counter at the local variety store. All the penny candy. And how we could fill up a small candy bag with 25 cents worth of candy treats.

The best thing about this day, by far, is that we are spending a quiet day at home, enjoying being together.

I have observed that when things are busy here, more tears are shed. Tears associated with the sense of loss, of being apart. But when we are alone (as a couple or as a family), there is a greater sense of peace, of joy. We can focus our attention on one another. We can more easily focus our attention on seeing Jesus - together.

God is meeting our need for this day. As He does each and every day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Merrily and Jim,

I JUST received your contact info. from Teresa Ingram and I have certainly enjoyed reading your posts.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers.

DeColores and Much Love,

Celeste Kenney

Celeste Kenney
1415 Lanier Blvd.
Brunswick, GA 31520

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim and Merrily,
Vicki Owens just sent me an e-mail with word of what you're going through and also a link to this incredible blog. I just wanted you to know that I'm holding you and your family in my heart and sending you my love and strength. I'll always be more grateful than you can know for all the love and support you gave me during some very difficult days. (Thankfully that time is long past, and I'm now happily married, doing work that I love, and feeling wonderfully at peace.) May you feel all the love that surrounds you and draw strength and courage from it, even as you have given and continue to give strength and courage to so many--

I love you,
Gina (formerly Peach) Weiser Elman

Bill said...


I can't tell you how much your blog has uplifted me and given perspective as I've read though it over the last two days. Bridget and I moved to Alpharetta last year to be nearer the Church where we serve (now that we are empty nesters :) Bobby and Robin are still in our lives and have kept us appraised.

I was remembering this morning how you sang "The Altar" one Sunday at Mountain View, and I can still sing the chorus, even though I never owned a recording of it and don't think I've heard it since. When I do “hear” it in my mind, it’s your voice singing:

The service is nearing an end
The choir is singing "Just As I Am"
And now as that old song is played
People at the altar are kneeling down to pray
Some are finding mercy
Forgiveness for their sin
Some are fighting battles
They’ve been struggling to win
The time has come to give them to the Lord
That’s what this altar is for

That’s what this altar is for
You don’t have to carry those burdens anymore
There’s a light in the darkness
And there’s a love that’s true
And Jesus is waiting
Waiting here for you
Go quickly now before they close the door
That’s what this altar is for

You can give your burdens to the Lord
That’s what this altar is for

We’ve been in full time ministry for a little over five years, and our congregation ( seems to have more than its share of folks suffering from severe physical affliction. I am amazed how they can glorify the Lord in and through and despite their circumstances… it is a real encouragement to me. But I have to say that I have never seen anyone “walk the talk” like you and Merrily are, as revealed in your blog. Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves; you are making an eternal difference in the lives of those that love you, even from far away.

So my friend, short of divine intervention, I won’t be seeing you this side of heaven… but what a great Praise Team we’re going to have there. I am so looking forward to being with you there, praising our creator. We love you guys.

Bill and Bridget

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, You probably don't realize what a true blessing you are to so many people.I know Cathie emailed you the other day,however I just felt the need to send you a note.You truly are an inspiration and PROOF of how good GOD is all the time..Reguardless of our situations he is all we have in moments of trials and hardships and he blesses everyday. Cathie and my prayers are with you,Merrily, and your wonderful family.I hold special memories of the weekend spent during the storm of the century and how it strengthend my faith and the realization that God is in total control of everything... God Bless you Jim...Mike P. P.S. I hope youy enjoyed the candy.....

Anonymous said...

Jim & Merrily,

I'm so glad you guys had a good snuggly morning together. "The Candy Day" sounds like so much fun and when you mentioned the bag of penny candy, I remembered three different stores with penny candy from Honesdale from when I was a kid. Two of them were on Terrace Street - one was next to the fire station and where I once made a most enjoyable purchase of 100 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum. One was further down the hill and was a very old store with a big open area with wooden floors as you walked inside and counters with wooden fronts and glass tops. And the third one was downtown on Main Street near the barber shop. Magazines and newspapers were sold there, too. Every day before school some of us would go in and get some penny candy with our pennies and nickels (usually just pennies!). On Saturdays if we got to go to the movies, we stopped in and loaded up beforehand. I always got one of those huge pixiesticks full of sour sugar or the elastic candy necklaces. Sooo long ago! :)


theodore said...

I wont mind your opening sentences, what important is you have a nice content. And yes God is catering all our daily needs. So in return I guess we should be with our Family Blessings and bond with the family.