Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Few More Pictures of the de Haan Clan

It's Wednesday evening. Things are quieting down here. The children have been bathed. Sheri and Stephen drove Peter and Phyllis back to the hotel after dinner. [Stephen grilled London Broil. My wife prepared twice-baked potatoes. Dessert was an assortment of fudge from Gertrude Hawk!] They are anticipating an early (5 am or so) departure for Atlanta tomorrow.

It has been a nice visit. I have especially enjoyed watching the three cousins playing together.

Below, Sheri poses with daughters Samantha and Sydney.

Nana and Sheri enjoy a moment together on the sofa.

Grandpa Peter and Stephen relax on the rocking chair.

Stephen and Sheri are back. We will enjoy some quiet conversation before bed. Good night!


Anonymous said...

News travels a little too slowly in the Mountain View diaspora -- by a circuitous route the link to this blog got to Shiela Iburg (her momma misspelled her name) and she sent it to me. I am forwarding it to Steve tonight.
I remember so clearly when you and Merrily were leaving for PA. I was leaving for a staff position at Grace UMC. To condense 10 years into one sentence, the job was a bust, I discerned for 10 years and am now at theology school in Seattle,WA.
Your determination to share this most personal of experiences is an amazingly powerful witness to God's presence with us in absolutely everything. Your trust in this presence, this provision, this saving grace is truly a light on a hill.
I will light a candle for you in the chapel of St. Ignatius here on campus each time I am here, will lift you and Merrily and your children in morning prayer and evening examen. I love you both. God loves you more (but I think you know that)
Shalom, shalom, shalom.
Vicki Hood Owens

Peas on Earth said...

Still checking up on you and praying for you all. What a precious time with friends and family - so glad you all got that!

Kaye Douglas Family Blessings said...

I don’t know what to say about the points you raised. I have undergone Family Blessings a lot of times now, so I guess I couldn’t put in a negative word or two. I do like how you got your views across. Good luck to you.

loreza said...

You have 2 cute little kids. How's your Family Blessings doing?