Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seeing God

Ardy Parlin, the Director of Encounter Revival Ministries, sent me a "care package" last week that included several of the team's musical recordings and two classic books.

This morning I picked up a copy of We Would See Jesus by Roy and Revel Hession that he sent. I am always amazed at how some authors are able to pack so much meaty substance into such short books. If only the manufacturer of my raisin bran would take the same approach.

The big idea here, in this book, is that seeing God is the purpose of life.

My goal is God Himself, not joy, nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.

It was for this purpose - seeing God - that we were created by the very breath of God. And it is for this purpose - seeing God - that we were redeemed through the sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ.

We are advised that service and activity for God may prevent us from attaining our true goal of seeing God.

We must ruthlessly seek to see God and allow Him to bring us back into a desired relationship of submission to Him. Only in submission to His will can we see God.

Today, I want to see God for all He is - in all His glory. I want to fellowship with Him in His suffering. I want to follow Him by making others my priority today. I want to see Jesus.

We just had a wonderful visit with our pastor, his wonderful wife, and three of his beautiful children. We laughed and prayed and enjoyed a nice lunch together. Though colleagues for less than a year, we enjoy a friendship that seems far beyond anything that could possibly develop in that amount of time. It is simply a gift from our gracious Lord.

My sister Ann left to do some errands in Honesdale and pick up our daughter from school.

My younger son and I are preparing to snuggle up on the sofa a view a Mr. Bean video for the next part of the afternoon.

Life is good.

In a continuing effort to chronicle what may be the "final months," here are additional pictures taken today. We realized today that we have to have last night's company back again, as we forgot to snap pictures.

Below, Jack and our younger son share a snack from a bowl on the clean(?) kitchen floor.

Here, Pastor Matt and Carol pose with sons Zack and Ben.

This is an attempt by the Wolfes and Bonds to pose with the twins. Cooperation was minimal, but we tried!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jim -

This note is from an old friend who is thinking about you every day, praying for you just as often, and reading your posts in awe of your grace, courage, and faith.

This is Blair Fisher writing to you. Bruce and Pam gave me your blog, and I'm reading it in "catchup mode." As a Christian, husband, and father to two little boys of my own (Zach is 10 and Kyle is 6), I am finding tremendous inspiration in your writings, and I want you to know that God is using to to strengthen faiths, change lives, and bring people to Him every day. I know that it must be a tremendous struggle at times to face your situation with the courage and grace you show; it is my hope that you feel comforted and uplifted by the thoughts and prayers that are coming your way from so many people every day. I am challenged every day to live my life with more humility, more faith, and more humanity by reading your posts. You are changing my life for the better, and I thank you for that.

We are doing well here at Walker. Nancy Calhoun retired two years ago, and I have somehow managed to occupy her old chair. Luckily, with people like Bruce, Mike Mackey, Pam Keenliside, and Carolyn Pettefer still around to keep me straight, things are going great. We still joke about the old days ("Shut up, quiche-boy!"), and your name comes up often and fondly. You've got lots of folks in your corner down here even after all these years, and that's a testament to you as a person!

Keep on posting, James - you've still got work to do!



Mac17 said...

Hey Jim, my brother.

Newton McCurdy here. About two weeks ago we were going through photos for Charlie's Senior Ad and found the pictures of the boys' "naked lunch". And now they are almost all grown up. Congrats on Morgan's, excuse me James', appointment to West Point. Charlie has been accepted to four colleges and four more to go!

Pam finished Candler School of Theology at Emory and is now the Associate Minister to Children and youth at Maple Avenue UMC in Marietta. Britt is 13 going on 30!

You and your family still hold a dear place in our hearts. Driving up to Kate McConnaughey's cabin this summer for a visit (mom and dad have a place in Scaly Mountain now) and walking up to the porch. Memories consumed me of our "guys only weekend". And I cannot drive anywhere near Mountain View and not think of you guys.

You are an inspiration to us all. When I see the faces of you and Merrily I see God's grace, Christ's love, and the Holy Spirit's gifts. I love you and cherish our memories and look forward to new ones. We still haven't gotten up to PA yet! And even though miles separate us us God unites us.

Keep on keeping on brother!

Love, Newton

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bondo!

We always knew the gift of you and your words would enrich and inspire people well beyond the town limits of Honesdale. As Blair mentioned in the previous comment, we are awed by your grace, courage, and faith yet not 100% surprised. These are part of school memories we hold of you.

Lloyd and I regret that it is only now that we are able to re-connect as old high school chums with you. We just received the WI article about you, your wonderful family, and your journey. Not only are we humbled and honored to know you, we have talked about others like Doc Pepper who would be equally affected by your descriptions of how God's mercy is ever-present even during times of immense pain and despair.

We are asking our congregation at Solebury United Methodist to pray for the Bond family as well as the congregations that Lloyd's dad and his friends lead.

Lloyd, my mom Kathy Hunter, our sons--Lloyd Tyler (9) and Michael (8), and I are holding you close in thoughts and prayers. We want to join the chorus of family and friends who wish you and your family comfort.

We will be checking the Hokey
Pokey space frequently, and please know that if you feel there is any way we can help you and your family, please do not hesitate to ask. We visit Honesdale often.

Stay strong, Bondo!
In friendship and Christian love--Lisa and Lloyd Canfield

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