Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Special Family and A Bake Sale

The Tuttle Family has been dear to us for almost twelve years now. We first met when our boys were playing YMCA soccer. We continued to get to know each other through several years of Little League and Teen Baseball. We attended church together in Honesdale. And when our family was called to help plant a new church, the Tuttles graciously agreed to come alongside us and be part of the new work that God was doing in Forest City. Even after we left the church plant, the Tuttles have been faithful in continuing with the work of the ministry in Forest City through Cornerstone Baptist Church.

We have enjoyed many great times together as families. Many meals together. Game nights. Summers of baseball, as I mentioned.

They have been there for us through thick and thin - especially in this past year. The sacrifices that they have made for us are too numerous to count.

Hannah, pictured with me below, recently completed her Senior Community Service Project. As a junior - she is well ahead of the game! She decided to organize a bake sale to benefit our family. I cannot express how humbling that is. You will notice the tears of joy that we shared as we posed togther for the photograph. Apparently, the response to the sale was overwhelming as many folks contributed baked goods for the sale and many people, in turn, purchased the items that were prepared.

A number of items were purchased and brought into our home by family members visiting from out of town. We enjoyed cinnamon rolls, a variety of cookies, a very moist chocolate cake, and an absolutely amazing pumpkin pie - with mounds of whipped cream to boot.

We are thankful for everyone who participated in this event in some way. We are thankful for the Tuttle family. For their friendship. For Hannah and her desire to help us in this way.

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