Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Special Visitor and a Quiet Afternoon Together

Each day God brings good things into our lives.

Almost ten years ago, God brought a young lady into our life who continues to be a blessing to us to this day. We first met Jenee when she stayed with our family while traveling as a missionary with the Encounter Revival Team (mentioned earlier in this blog). Jenee quickly became a dear friend to our family.

A few years later, God brought Jenee to Baptist Bible College as a student and as a participant in our ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Forest City. During this time, she continued to be a blessing to our family.

Since graduating from BBC, Jenee has been a friend and blessing to our whole family.

When friends began asking us about turning this blog into something more permanent - like a book - our thoughts immediately focused on Jenee.

Jenee, we recalled, had mentioned the desire to write. And we have always been impressed with her God-given combination of humility, authenticity, freshness (as in perspective), and honesty.

She has graciously agreed to take what has been written in this blog and to follow God's leading to write out the story of God's working in the life of our family over the past year as we have together faced the challenges of living with cancer.

We are excited about how God will use this for His glory and, Lord willing, to provide hope for others who face life's uncertainties and difficulties.

Here is Jenee.

And here is Jenee with our daughter.

And here is Jenee with my wife.

It is late afternoon, Saturday. A quiet afternoon. We are enjoying being alone as a family. Not much excitement. Just being together. And that is more than enough for today.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful young lady Jenee is. God bless her!

Risko said...

greetings and salutations, mr. bond. my name is john michael risko. you taught me science. i was scared of your beard. perhaps it was that deep down i knew i would never be able to grow one. beard envy. my thoughts are most definitely with you and your family. if you feel like taking a leisurely jaunt down memory lane, hit me up. this is the part where i'd bare my email to the internet, but i think it will give it to you automatically.

Michael T. Mackey said...

Your blog is absolute fabulous. It is so uplifting. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. You will be with the Lord; but everyone that loves you will miss you terribly.
Your kids look fabulous. They must make you and Merrily very proud. Give all your kids my best and hug your wife for me.
Please know that my wife and I and our Sunday school class will be praying for you and your wonderful family.
Your strength through this ordeal is amazing and inspiring. There is no doubt that you are deriving this strength from Jesus Christ.
Thank you for all you have written on your blog. I am using it as a daily devotion.
I wish you and your family the best and I hope you are as comfortable and as pain free as possible.
I have 4 kids; Ali, Bethany, Caroline, and David. Ali just got married last summer and the others are growing up too quickly. I think fondly of the years you spent at Walker. The Washington trip was fun!

In Jesus' Name,

Mike Mackey

October 16, 2008 9:36 PM

Jared said...

Animaniacs, Create-A-Country, Bond... Jim Bond, Bob Jones University, Detention, Countless extra credit trivia games, A beard that seemingly regrew itself in hours, Christmas caroling with Mr. Powell and Mr. Mackey, Detention.... again. I'd have to say looking back I carry a few memories of you with me. My memories are of a dedicated, knowledgeable, creative, fair, and sometimes intense teacher who commanded the respect of both students and peers. While the years have passed and the memories have somewhat faded know that you left a lasting impression on those you have taught and since left behind on this journey of yours. Just know that your still with your family back here in Marietta and that we haven't forgotten. As it says in Timothy "Keep fighting the good fight" Mr. Bond. Your faith will not go unrewarded.

All my best,
Jared Crowder

Anonymous said...

wow such a small world Jenee and I lived in the same dorm she was a good friend and great Godly example


Michelle Family Blessings said...

I’m glad you people have the enthusiasm to passionately comment on this page. My mom is really getting into my nerves so I can’t be as passionate as you people are. Maybe I should ask her to attend a family blessings seminar with me.

damon salvatore said...

Really? It is faith that brought you together again. You should go to Covenant marriage Seminars to give you more time for each other.