Monday, October 27, 2008

I Do Not Like Mondays? A Week Later

It is Monday morning again. If I start out another Monday morning like this one, I may learn to hate Mondays. Well, that's taking things way to seriously . . . let me explain.

A few minutes ago. the lights came on, two nurses came into my room, greeted me, and proceeded to change mis pantalones, my pants, my dry pants, my adult diaper - I forget what manly name I am supposed to call it! Briefs. The procedure involves me turning my body, from side to side - to expose my back side - so that the the old pants can be removed, my body can be cleaned, and the new pants can be put on. It is a painful process for someone with extreme bone pain in the hips and thighs (due to bone cancer) and a fractured femur. Not having adequate pain medication prior to the "procedure" this morning, the pain was incredibly intense. I cried like a baby. A big, 45-year-old baby. It hurt. But I mostly felt bad for the two nurses who patiently and gently attended to the task. They remained calm and had a calming influence on me. [I feel so bad that others have to do this kind of thing for me. Funny, I am beyond the embarassment, humility, or shame that I should have with all this - I've just accepted that this is the way it is - but I feel bad for those who must attend to me.] Within minutes, it was over. Sometime in those few minutes, pain medication was given, and I am now resting peacefully - with laptop on lap, listening to the Honesdale traffic oustside my window, and typing this post.

Things are OK . Mondays are not to be hated. Mondays are to be embraced like any other day - as precious gifts of time from the Lord God Creator who gives us each day, along with the resources we need, to live for and glorify Him this day. So let us begin this day with praise to Him, with thanksgiving in our hearts, with a determination to glorify Him, with a sensitity to others that will allow us to minister to their needs and help point them to Him.

It is 6:45. Already this morning, God has given me a gift in the way of a conversation with one of the nurses attending to me. One who so kindly attended to my needs this morning. She shared with me how she will be leaving her work here to attend to her mother full-time. How she is looking forward to doing so. How diffficult it may be, at times, but how much joy it will bring. She told me about her dad, who struggled in his life, yet was changed by the Spirit of God and began a Bible-teaching church in the area. A passing conversation. An unexpected blessing.

Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD, O my soul.
While I live I will praise the LORD;
I will sing praises to God while I have my being.
Psalm 146:1-2.

It is 7 am. Today, I am going to try something new. I am going to post this entry as it is right now. Even without having my wife check it for "unnecessary weirdness." And, Lord willing, I will add to this same post during the day - to update and amend on the progress of this day in the journey of a man, a family, facing a difficult life circumstance.



Anonymous said...

There are so many blessings
God gives to us each day.
With grateful heart, and thankful,
I bow my head to pray.

"Thanks for waking me each morning;
Thanks for watching through the night.
Thanks for grace to bear my burdens;
for the hope that gives me light to guide me - faith to cheer me."

"Thanks for life that Jesus gave me,
when He died upon the tree;
for the love that sought me - for the blood that bought me,
thanks Dear Lord for all you've done for me"

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
What a blessing you are to me this week especially since I began reading your journal everyday. I can't wait to get on the site to see what gem of an insight of knowledge you have enstore for me for the day! Jim, I have to tell you, because of your journey, I am finding my own faith is becoming so much stronger. You are teaching me through example, how to face life's challenges. That is to glorfy Him through it all. I am so glad you decided to do the daily journal and share your thoughts, emotions, your transparentness with us. I have to tell you, I can't think of a more dedicated servant than you, Jim. As long as you are able, please keep the gems coming. (I think it is precious that Allison is thinking of adding her gems!) Love to you all, Cathie

Kelly said...

I guess I am not the only person who read about you in the paper and have been waiting everyday since that time to see how you are and read how to live my life better! Trying to type through the tears; feel badly you and your family had a tough go over the weekend!
Truly glad that you understand how you, your family and this blog have changed lives and continue to do so!! I pray for your daughter to continue on with it!
I lift your pain to the Lord and hope for brighter days!!

May God continue to Bless!

Anonymous said...

Nope, Kelly, you're not the only one, lol!
Jim, you must be a great teacher! I have gotten so much from reading what you write every day. Great stuff, spiced with just the right amount of weirdness.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are in good ole Wayne Memorial. As the other responses say you are a inspiration to many others. The pictures of you and your son the other day with the guitars were great(I'm sure you didn't sing MTA.
Keep the faith.
Scott Becker

Susie said...

Still praying each day...

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,
You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers each day. Please let us know if we can assist Merilee and the kids in any way. We speak regularly with Keri and Rod.

Pete and Maureen Casazza

94vetstar said...

Dear Jim,
I have been checking your blog everyday since I read the article in the Wayne Independent. You have said so many things that I relate to, I feel like I have known you forever. I pray for you and your family often throughout the day. Just recently I read "The Last Lecture" and was inspired by his story. However, Yours has truly changed my life. You challenge me daily to be a better teacher, mother, friend and a Christian. I pray that when my storm comes, I will be able to handle it with the grace you continue to show each and everyday. God Bless, My Christian Brother, Kelly

choco said...

I missed a few days. I am sad that all this has happened, BUT as you have said before you are closer to home--our real home, our everlasting home. You sound homesick; me too. Praise God for your faith.

I am an RN and have been in nursing over 33 years. I know you feel bad when the nurses take care of you, but we enjoy helping people.

Praise God your nurses are doing their best--to make you comfortable is what makes us happy.

terence said...

I agree with you. I dont like Mondays too. It is the time of the week wherCovenant marriage Seminarse I have to attend my