Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Message from Winston

My name is Winston. Occasionally, I paw (step) in for j michael on the blog when he is unable to do so.

Lately, he has been unable to compose any blog entries, and I am hoping to get my fifteen minutes of fame.


Lee Pfahl said...

Hello Bond family,

I attend Finch Hill Baptist Church under the Pastorate of Dan Henwood. Our Church has been upholding you before the Lord for over a year. We have prayed for you thru the joys and trials as our gracious Lord has led. I have also shared your blog address with numerous people undergoing similar trials, praying they would be uplifted and drawn to the foot of the Cross by your words.

You and your blog have been such an inspiration to me, but at no time more needed than election night. I went on your blog to pray for you and read what message our Lord guided you to write. Well, what a blessing....while reading your words and Scripture references, the Lord lifted me out of despair that night. Thank you for taking the time to share and inspire. God has truly blessed your undertaking.

God's blessings to you and your family. We continue to pray for you all.

In Christ's love,
Dennis and Lee Pfahl

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Winston, thanks for stepping in. You are a very good friend. We are praying for our friend, please let him know we are lifting everyone up in the name of Jesus.

You did a very good job, bless you.

Kelly said...

To cute!! I am so glad there is such a great sense of humor; that helps everyone get through life.

Great post about young people in Church. My daughter just started confirmation class at our Church she will be 12 years old this month. I stress the importance of that; just like school work. She is getting very involved and our Church is doing a lot to keep the kids involved and interested; which is great! I remember and still to this day have a Bible given to me when I was about her age from CBC. Pastor Baker and his family still hold fond memories. So I appreciated your post and hope others will listen.

My Dad's surgery was postponed to this Friday; but I was thankful for your email surprised because I know how busy you must be; but I so appreciated the fact you took time to send your thoughts. I am sure by now you have a direct link with prayers, so thank you for thinking of him and my family. I will be home Thur. to take him to the hospital for 6AM and I am sure God will be with us all; I feel much stronger than ever before that life will be just fine no matter what happens; that there isn't any reason to fear all because of you, your wonderful family and this blog!!

You are a blessing and the lessons you teach will never be forgotten and will be passed on to many people and for many years!!

God Bless---

Colleen Lowe said...

Jim & Merrily,
Just wanted to let you know you are all on our hearts and in our prayers. As we are disheartened by your circumstances, we rejoice and are inspired by your faith, trust and love for our Lord. You are our Hero, a modern day Job. We love you and are a phone call away if anyone needs anything, our continued prayers are with you and the whole Families.
Love & Prayers,
Kevin & Colleen Lowe & Family

Carol said...

Winston is a very good helper. He came to Children's church a few weeks ago with Isaac and we had a great time with him as he helped us sing several songs :-) I've also noticed in several of your pictures that he loves to be hugged and wants to comfort the family. What a special dog!
Art and I have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers continually. Thank you for the blessing you have been through your blog.
In Christ's love,
Art and Carol

Penny said...

We love you & continue to lift you & your family up in prayer. Your blog continues to encourage, challenge, & inspire. Even your "followers" comments are a blessing.
Love & bear hugs,
Penny & Mandie

Kelly said...

I am praying for you and your family. Glad Winston could step up but hope to see something from you soon!!

May God lift your pain and guide your family!

Thanks for all you have done; I promise it will never be forgotten.


Kathleen said...

Jim and family,

My name is Kathleen and I am the x-ray tech for Dr. Parrish. We received your letter the other week and it brought me to tears. You are such an amazing be in so much pain and still ministering to those who are hungry...such an image of Jesus. I wanted you to know that I lift you and your family up to the Lord often. I hope that one day, through prayer and time, that I will have the kind of faith that your family has. I was raised in a Christian home and truly gave my life to Christ 8 years ago and I want to be where you are now. Please know that everyone at the office thinks very highly of you and a lot of us are following you on this blog. May the Lord grant you all peace and comfort.

In Him,

Kathleen Davis

Anonymous said...

I am finding this quite stressful. Not knowing how you are. I should have known this would happen eventually. I really miss reading your blog and understand if you are unable to post, but do you think maybe someone else could do a quick post to update us? Reading your blog every day has moved me in ways I could never have imagined. Praise God! I pray for you and your family every day. I am still praying for a miracle.

June and Carl House said...

Dear Pastor Jim, Merrily and Family,

We praise our Lord for all of you as you continue to live out your faith both privately and publicly. You are the epitome of the Apostle Paul's testimony in Philippians 4:13,"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Your lives are an inspiration and we love you dearly.

You're in our prayers daily.

In Jesus,
Carl and June

Kenneth said...

Thank you for this wonderful site! I’m currently working on our church’s website and one of my feature articles is about family blessings. Hopefully, I can take into consideration some of the ideas you gave me. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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