Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This morning, my younger son and I spent some time drawing pictures, rehearsing school work, singing hymns, and reviewing Bible verses.

My older son and my wife took care of washing me and changing my clothing. Following that, my son went to work out at a local gym and run some errands for Mrs. McL, his mom, and for himself. He also spent some time splitting wood for Mr. McL.

Our dear friend Betsy Black visited us for lunch. My wife made us sandwiches. Betsy brought large, home-made chocolate chip cookies. We had a nice visit, catching up on our families and catching up on what is going on at Canaan.

Here is a photo of Betsy with me . . .

A few minutes after Betsy departed, Pastor Matt arrived for a visit. We talked about our families, the ministry at Canaan, and the state of the union. Let's ignore the election results, for the most part, and cling to the truth of Romans 13:1-8! God is sovereign. Amen.


Anonymous said...

For Jim and Merrily, We are encouraged every time we read your postings. You are a wonderful teacher in the way we are to walk. When situations have weighed heavily on our hearts (those worldly things) we find ourselves always being redirected to the source of our hope. His strength can sustain us in all of life's annoying to extremely difficult situations. Your reminder of this is present constantly. And we thank you for the lessons you are sharing.

On another note--the 'mound is alive with the sound of music'? I think that is what you said. We love to watch that movie on Christmas after all the celebration and excitement settles down. Working on year 20 - 25 this year. It has become a family sing a long.

We pray for your family at all hours of the day and night. As age has advanced, we find ourselves awake at strange times. Your family is one of our prayer requests when ever those opportunities present themselves. Lack of sleep can become an opportunity.

Wanted you to know just how much your diary has meant to us. We all love you and your family as another part of our God's family!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are very encouraging guys. You must be bonded by a Covenant Marriage?