Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fraternity Friends Finally Released from Photographic Captivity

More captured photographs were released this past week after intense negotiations with Canon rebels. On a Saturday afternoon in early October we had a surprise visit from two of my fraternity brothers from Dickinson College - Larry and Scott. They also brought along Scott's son Seth. In the photo below, Scott is kneeling so that Larry's height (or lack thereof) is not highlighted.

As we gather for dinner, Larry must be saying something worth listening to, judging by the expression on my face.

Again, although not seen in the picture, Larry must be saying something important enough to hold my attention as well as Scott's.

Larry appears in the photo, our attention still riveted on his every word.

It was a great visit. I had not seen Larry in about twelve years -we used to see him almost every year when we lived in Atlanta and he traveled there on business. We saw Scott at least once in Atlanta , when he visited for a wedding.

Anyway, it was nice to "catch up" with old friends. And I enjoyed getting to know Scott's son Seth a little bit. A fine young man can only be the result of fine, loving parents.


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