Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Challenge

This entry is pointed to a very select group of people (actually two groups), but has been on my heart for some time now.

First, to those of you in our local churches that have an opportunity to influence the twenty-somethings, the college-age people:

1. What are you doing to encourage these young adults that are our future church leaders: Sunday School teachers, deacons, Bible study teachers, small group leaders, asssistant pastors, missionaries, etc. ?

2. Is there a particular ministry in which you are presently involved where you can bring a young person alongside you and train them? Perhaps as a teaching assistant in a Sunday School class. Or can you encourage a young person to get involved in the homeless ministry? Or a missions project? Or a music ministry? Or can you identify and encourage a young man to pursue a pastoral ministry? THERE IS NO REASON FOR OUR CHURCH NOT TO IDENTIFY, ENCOURAGE, AND SUPPORT A YOUNG MAN IN PURSUING MINISTRY.

3. Is there a particular young person in the church for which God has given you a burden? Ae you willing to take on this young person in a mentoring relationship?

And now for the twenty-somethings:

1. What gifts, talents, resources, etc. has God given you t0 be used in ministry in the local church?

2. In what areas of ministry is God leading you to pursue? Do you have a particular passion for a certain ministry?

3. Is there a particular adult involved in a ministry that you would like to follow?

You are the future of our local church ministry. I want to encourage you to pray about your involvement in how God is leading you.


sv said...

Your comments about twenty-somethings and their ministry was such a timely post - I realized last night that God has been tugging on my heart to get more involved at my church and I have started to prayerfully consider volunteering my time with the teenagers. Please know that you have pushed my thoughts even further with your post.

I am praying for you.

Reynolds Smith said...

I don’t know what to say about the points you raised. I have undergone family blessings a lot of times now, so I guess I couldn’t put in a negative word or two. I do like how you got your views across. Good luck to you.

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