Saturday, November 8, 2008

Woodall Visit

These photographs were taken when the Woodall Family visited us in early October. The images, since that time, have been trapped inside a rebel camera. Recently, they have been released from captivity and have been made available to the public.

Below, is one of the Woodall girls, smiling mischieviously, as she plays in our living room.

Here, Kristie Woodall holds their younger son, Wyatt. It was such a joy to have a toddler in our home for a week. Can you feel the love between this mother and her son?

Jamie and Kristie demonstrate their youthful playfulness. Their vitality filled our house for a week. As did their love for the Lord and their desire to share it with others. They were an incredible encouragement to us. We pray for God's blessing upon them as they serve Him as church planters in the upper regions of Michigan.

Our younger son and the Woodall's younger daughter stop playing for a moment to pose for a photograph.
God has blessed our family with many good friends. Friends who encourage us to live for Him. Friends who are not afraid to exhort us. Friends who are not afraid to tell us the truth in love. Friends who are truly friends because our friendship is grounded in our relationship with Jesus Christ Himself.


Duncan said...

Wow, you have a nice blog. I’m not sure what to say about the comments though since not all of them sound friendly. I guess attending Family Blessings seminars made me less of an internet troll now.

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