Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Wing (or Two) and a Prayer - And a Bottle of Antacid

It is 4p. My friend Rachel left a little while ago. We had a nice visit - catching up after 25 years.

After she left, I finished eating a piece of pizza and some wings. Of course, that was chased with a handful of antacids.

My son and daughter left to drive over to our home to pick up a few items.

Did I mention the new van? Keri's aunt and uncle gave us a "new" (1998) Town and Country van. It will be very useful now that our son is home and will need to get around.

It is a relatively quiet evening. My wife is sitting here beside me, writing thank you notes to the many people who have given so much. I have been trying to retrieve some pictures from the digital camera, but have had little success.

My younger son just climbed up on the bed, with his mom's help, to snuggle with me. So, I am going to put down this piece of electronic-fortified plastic and spend some time with him . . .

It is now almost 8:30. My younger son is sleeping. My older son and daughter have returned with "stuff" from home. Rod has returned from evening church. My wife and son have tortured/cleaned me up. I have read several more encouraging e-mails. We enjoyed cheesecake from Junior's (in NYC) courtesy of Rachel. Thank you, Rachel, for the wonderful treat!

Now, I am stopping again to quiz my beautiful daughter to review for her science exam . . .

It is now about 10 p. I am exhausted. My wife is still working on thank-you notes. I am praying that I will have more energy tomorrow. There is still much that I would like to do.

Nights like this, I wonder if I will wake up the next morning. I am not being pessimistic, simply realistic. I know that my time - each minute, each hour, each day, is in His hands. I will open my eyes either in the presence of my Savior or to see the smiling face of my wife.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you what a blessing you are to so many believers who you don't know. Building the faith of many. Some who know Christ but also many who don't.These words seem to be so unworthy to exspress how God is useing you.I am praying for you and your family.Thank You for all you are doing.You and your family are an awesome servants of God!
In Christ,Lori

Kelly said...

My name is Kelly Kusik. I am a 22 year old young lady who also is battling Ewing's Sarcoma. A friend from Maranatha (where I graduated from) told me about your blog.
This morning I woke up feeling so sick and discouraged, I decided to check out your blog. This last entry encouraged my heart. You're right our lives are in His hands. I don't need to fear.
in Christ,
Kelly Kusik

Kelly said...

Wow what a beautiful place! Glad the move went smooth; if anything were ever to happen to me or my family; I would pray to have friends and the support that you have!
Thanks again for all the pictures and letting us "strangers" join in on this journey. It has made me think really hard, pray differently and I hope live better! From now on when things are great, I will be thankful and not want more; when things are bad I will ask God for help and trust in him! Which I always knew but not maybe always lived; I am trying to change that now!

My Dad goes for a triple bypass on Friday at CMC; so I am really using what I have been learning to get me through this week and for sure will keep you in mind on Friday at the hospital! One thing I did learn long ago when an Uncle passed is to say how you feel when people are with you and tell them often how you feel; so that I part I did get early on and have lived that everyday---so I know my Dad knows already how much I love him!

All the trust you have with all you and your family are going through, has made me really think about how I am living and to want to live better and to show my kids better than what I have in the past; until reading your blog!

So Thank You - Thank You!!!
May we all have an awesome week ahead!!

Kelly said...

Hi PA Bonds ...I am your brother Bob's neighbor and he linked me to your blog a few weeks ago. You are a beautiful writer and your words express your faith and love in such a tangible way--such an awesome testimony of God in your life! You touch so many people every day and encourage us all in our own walks...thank you!

I was listening to my David Crowder faves this morning (I saw you were a fan too :) and "No One Like You" made me think of you...
"Everywhere You are there
Earth or air surrounding
I'm not alone, the heavens sing along
My God You're so astounding
How could You be so good to me
Eternally I believe that
There is no one like You
There has never ever been anyone like You"

as did "Open Skies"...
"Praise Him under open skies
Everything breathing praising God
In the company of all who love the King
I will dance, I will sing
It could be heavenly
Turn the music loud, lift my voice and shout
From where I am
From where I've been
He's been there with me
He's built a monument
His very people
So let his people
Sing, sing, sing

And it's so wonderful
Just to be here now."

You are a gifted encourager! I pray for your continued strength and that of your family's as well. May God Bless you all!

In His Grip,
Allyson Monferdini

M & M said...

I dont think I can put my thoughts into words any better than those that have already left you a message here but I will add a simple "you have definitely touched the hearts of those who don't even know you". You are truly an inspiration for all who read your blog. Know you have many cyber friends who think of you often and pray for you and your family. Michele

Jennifer Dawson said...

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