Monday, November 3, 2008

More Pictures

Our gracious hosts, Rod and Keri McLaughlin . . . still smiling after the first few days!

Keri poses with me. The teary eyes reflect my overwhelming gratitude for what God has given us, by His grace, through Keri and her family.

In every situation, you must have a sense of humor. My daughter let me borrow her knit scarf. Emily found a hat. So, I guess I would call this my French look. I am certain that the person on the other end of the phone line was impressed!

My older son arrived home from West Point Saturday evening, in uniform. The uniform was impressive, but his hug was more important!

My younger son and I enjoy reading together in bed. Oh, The Places You Will Go! by Dr. Seuss.

Here is the whole family, except for our younger son, with Ruth DiPalma and Winston, our stuffed pet dog.

My daughter is my sunshine, the light of my life. She is delightful in every way.

I am so blessed to have a great family and friends. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, these photographs speak volumes.


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Ok, so now I'm crying. You have an extraordinary family and you're right, these pics speak volumes.

Kelly said...

Glad to know I am not the only one reading this blog and crying. The whole family and the friends amaze me! I loved the picture in the hospital that said about the cold room but how happy you both are to be together and the picture truly showes the love, all the pictures do!

You are giving a whole new meaning in sickness and health; for better or worse!! To do it all with such trust, love, and humor---makes me say WOW!

You are giving me a new way to look and live faith. I have been taught it; but never saw it lived like this!!

Enjoy every minute of your fabulous family and this day!!


Holliday Family said...

What an amazing story and testimony, what an amazing man, made whole through Christ. And what an amazing family! What a privilege to be able to read your story. Loving the photo's too. Hope you have one with all you with your younger son in it too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, We came home so we could be here to vote in the a.m. I just had to read your new postings. Thank you for the pictures. Your "French" look reminds me so much of your demonstration geography lesson all those years ago when you were applying for a teaching job at Walker. You brought and wore a hat- either a beret or a fez, I can't remember which. I do remember your youth, enthusiasm, and willingness to wear a hat to help the students visualize a point you were trying to make in the lesson. i have often thought of you in that hat.

I also think of the way your face just glowed when you returned from a shopping trip and reported that you had found just the right gift for Merrily. You were so happy to be able to give her something special.

You are a loving, giving man, and your blog is a loving gift to many.
Thank you.
Nancy C.

Anonymous said...

"My daughter is my sunshine, the light of my life. She is delightful in every way."

In these two sentences, you have given your sweet girl such a gift. This is what every daughter needs to hear from her daddy to make her strong.

I love all the pictures, thanks for sharing with us.


Mandie Schreck said...

There is not one day my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I think God purposefully has engraved each of your faces when i open my eyes int he morning and when i fall asleep at night. He works in so many ways and does have a sense of humor :)

I miss you and your family and I know this time together is such a blessing.

P.S. I love seeing the pictures! They're wonderful!

Love and Prayers,

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