Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wading in The Toddler Pool. With Hiccups

Our friends left this morning. And I think they took some of my grey matter with them. For some reason, I am having difficulty making sense this evening. It may be connected to the drowsiness I feel, or it may be nothing. And hiccups. I have been battling this menace all day. I have been holding my breath, chugging water, and - nothing seems to work. So the battle rages on.

The WP son called. Four of his five grades have been posted. One A and three Bs. Unacceptable for high school. More than acceptable for the first five weeks of WP. Our son is happy with this start, but not content to leave his grades there.

My wife is quizzing our daughter to help her prepare for a history test. I enjoy listening to them work together. Hearing them interact.

Small son is playing with K'nex on the floor. He has built some creative vehicles. He is now able to look at a diagram and build what is being pictured.

This post, I know, is quite shallow. I am shallow this evening. Not into deep thinking. I am wading in the toddler pool this evening.


Anonymous said...

Our small group from Grace Bible prayed for you and your family tonight. We were studying Gen. 22 - Abraham had a huge need, he trusted God's promises and God sure did provide in a big way. God is going to provide for you and your family in a big way.
In the Mount of the LORD it shall be seen!!
Denise Eason

Anonymous said...

Pastor Jim
Try a spoon of peanut butter for your hiccups.
Our family continues to pray for you and yours.
Our Lord is full of grace and mercy. His footsteps are beside you.
Jeff and Tammy

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

I'd say you deserve a wade in the shallow pool. You have been swimming in the deep end for a while. Congrats on the WP's grades, we are talking to our son about his grades too and he is getting letters he's not used to.

I hope your hiccups are cured in the name of Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Jim and Merrily, Your journey has been such a blessing and encouragement to our family. We do not get to choose all the cards we hold. The real question is what are we going to do with them. That is only one place where you have showered us and so many others with blessings. As I was praying for you the other night, for a miracle--it occurred to me that I am not sure how to pray to that end. Knowing that God knows the intent of our hearts, the prayer went forth to the throne of God. Thank you from the bottom (and top) of our hearts for your Godly example and true Heart for God.

Patrick Family Blessings said...

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