Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today Is A Great Day!

This morning a friend shared this thought with my wife . . .

Enjoy today. It won't come again.

Today is a great day!

Our five-year-old had his first day of K5 today. He woke up this morning with great excitement. Here he is all dressed and eager to go . . .

Of course, he was very tired and fell asleep on the way home this afternoon. But now he is happily playing with Legos.

It is also a great day because our daughter got her braces off! Here she is with a big smile . . .

She celebrated after school by enjoying a caramel apple . . .

Our celebration will continue as we enjoy a dinner of grilled chicken and fresh sweet corn. For the first time in several years, her corn will not need to be cut off the cob.

Today is a great day because I got to go to school and teach my students.

Today is a great day because we have everything we need.

We have great friends.

Most of all, because we have a great God who is above all yet cares for us as a loving Father.


Anonymous said...

How exciting for your little boy! It seems like only yesterday he was born. Time does fly by too quickly. He looks so ready for school! Mandie also could not wait to eat a caramel apple & corn on the cob when she got her braces off! What happy memories! Thanks for sharing.
The Schrecks

googleman said...

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