Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did I Mention The Potato Salad?

I am enjoying a cup of hot coffee on a cool, but sunny, Saturday morning. My wife is on the phone. My son is playing with his train set and Legos. My daughter is still in bed. It is a somewhat typical Saturday morning.

In a few hours we will be leaving to drive up to West Point to see our older son. We are all looking forward to the visit. My wife made a batch of fried chicken and a bowl of potato salad to take. A late afternoon picnic on the Hudson River at Trophy Point.

Yesterday I received a special blessing in the mail. A card. From the son of good friends. Friends who are coming to visit us this week. It is a blessing to see your friends' children grow up and appropriate the faith for their own. To choose to contine to walk with the Lord. This young man is not just the son of a friend. He is a friend and a brother in Christ. And to know that he and his college friends are praying for us is very humbling.

I am praising and thanking God for His goodness and His provision of strength. He enabled me (allowed me) to teach for five days this week. In the classroom I have the strength I need to be able to lead my classes in learning. I pray that I am half the blessing to my students that they are to me.

It is a somewhat typical Saturday morning - but did I mention the potato salad?


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Ok, so I'm a little bit jealous that you are getting to see your boy but I'm also rejoicing that you are getting that time together! It sounds like a wonderful time and my husband told me we were winning just a little while ago. Enjoy your day, it is the Lord's, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Wayne Family Blessings said...

I’m glad you people have the enthusiasm to passionately comment on this page. My mom is really getting into my nerves so I can’t be as passionate as you people are. Maybe I should ask her to attend a family blessings seminar with me.