Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No More Chasing Rabbits. For His Glory

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed the 1st Annual Fall Classic golf outing in our backward. Robin shows her form as she greets the ball. "Hello, ball." Bobby and our son rest between holes.

My wife and I enjoy a quiet moment together in the spectators' gallery. My wife poses with Robin at the end of the tournament.

This morning, my wife and Robin went to visit with our pastor's wife. Bobby and I enjoyed breakfast at the Trackside Grill in Honesdale with our pastor.

This evening, we are going to enjoy Chinese takeout.

I just had a great e-mail from our son at West Point. He is having a great day and is doing well on his WPRs. Written Proficiency Exams.

Bobby and Robin are leaving in the morning. It has been such a blessing to spend time with friends I have not seen in five years. Friends who prayed for and encouraged us in the two or three years leading up to our salvation.

For me, this is how I want to spend the rest of my life - hanging out with friends who have been such an important part of our lives. Sharing the goodness of God and the grace available through the Lord Jesus Christ. Spending time with my students. And sharing the life lessons I have learned with my wife and children.

The rest of my life is going to be spent doing what I consider to be meaningful in the eyes of the Lord, not chasing rabbits. I am not giving up hope, but I am confident that I have done (and am doing) everything that I need to do medically and nutritionally to fight this cancer. It is in the Lord's hands. One day at a time, I plan to live life to its fullest. For a week. For a month. For a year. Or for ten years. For His glory.


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