Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Morning Tales

Late night talks with friends is near the top of our "favorite things to do" list. Only now I tend to doze off in the middle of a conversation. [I have already dozed off several times this morning while starting this blog entry.] I wake up to hear my wife and our friends laughing at me. Is that kind?

My wife and our friend Robin just left to take our daughter to school. Our son is still sleeping upstairs. I am staying home today and tomorrrow to spend time with our friends.

Our son just woke up. [I am writing sporadically.] After snuggling with me for a few minutes, he asked our friend Bobby to get him some juice and a piece of jelly toast. They are now having a conversation in the kitchen.

When the ladies arrive back home, we will enjoy some breakfast casserole. And more coffee.

I am listening to the conversation coming from the kitchen. As an incentive to get our son to eat his toast, Bobby offered to eat a piece of candy corn (made with high-fructose corn syrup) for every bite of toast he eats. It is great to have friends willing to make such sacrifices for our children.

I talked to our older son last night. He made the reserve team for Sprint Football. If I remember correctly that means that he does not travel with the team to away games, but practices with the team (occasionally?), and he has a shot at making the regular team next season.

Bobby and our son are playing with a fire truck on the floor of the living room.

This day is starting out to be a great stay-at-home day.

I need to stop writing and be a part of it.


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