Monday, September 22, 2008

Pot Roast, If You Must Know.

It is a beautiful, sunny day. A bit cool.

It is Monday afternoon and I am drowsy. I slept most of the way home and will probably nod off again before dinner.

Pot roast, if you must know.

Friends from Georgia are on their way to see us. I am very excited. I have not seen them for about five years.

I am taking two days off from school to spend time with them.

Since sharing our latest news about the cancer, we have been inundated by phone calls and e-mails. The love of Christ abounds. We are overwhelmed by the kindness and concern demonstrated by our friends and family. We should not be surprised.

I am blessed by the lovingkindness shown by both former and present students. Seventh grade boys, who tend to be the most self-centered people among us, stop by my desk after class and ask me how I am feeling. Second graders tell me they are praying for me every day. Recent alumni e-mail to tell me how encouraged they are about how God is working in my life.

Our son e-mailed to tell us that his chemistry exam went well and that he has a meeting about Sprint Football later today. We are as anxious as he is to hear whether he made the final cut.

The folks at West Point have gone above and beyond to show kindness to our son and to help him through this difficult time in his life. For this, we are very thankful.

The head is starting to bob. My nap is calling.


kwistanG said...

Just wanted to say how much I love all of you, and that you are in my thoughts and prayers. =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bond,
We continue to be amazed & encouraged by your testimony. Only the one true God could give you & your family the strength & peace that you continually demonstrate. We love you very much & are keeping you in our prayers. Give our love to your family.
Penny & Mandie

Wayne Family Blessings said...

I’m glad you people have the enthusiasm to passionately comment on this page. My mom is really getting into my nerves so I can’t be as passionate as you people are. Maybe I should ask her to attend a family blessings seminar with me.