Friday, August 15, 2008

She Makes Me Happy . . .

Mrs. Brown has a lovely daughter, according to Herman's Hermits. And so do I.

I have a beautiful daughter. Of course, every father will say that of his daughter. But I have a beautiful daughter. Her inner beauty matches and even surpasses her outward beauty.

When she was two years old, I called her my sunshine. After a difficult day at school (I was having a difficult school year, mostly due to restlessness on my part), she would make me smile. And I would sing, You are my sunshine . . .

Our daughter is by no means perfect. On the outside or on the inside. Nonetheless, she is beautiful. There is an order and symmetry in her life that comes from her close relationship with Jesus Christ.

She has struggled with assurance of salvation, as many young people do, but this summer - at camp - she rededicated her life to Jesus Christ. And we saw a difference in her attitude and behavior. A big difference.

Since coming home from camp, she has been a constant source of encouragement and help for her mother. She does chores without asking and without grumbling or complaining. She often helps her mother - the queen of organization and time management - to get her ducks in a row. It is neat to see how she has picked up her mom's ability to organize and manage things and to help others to do the same.

Sometime I will have to blog about a recent discussion in duck management - how to get and keep ducks in a row.

Having a beautiful daughter, her mother an I have forbid her to date until she is 30. We may remove a few years for good behavior, if warranted.
A friend of ours found a solution to his similar situation with his sixteen-year-old daughter. This was actually his daughter's idea. She agreed that she would not date until the age of 18 if she could get a puppy. She now has a puppy named Beau (boyfriend). Not a bad plan!

All humor aside, our daughter is a blessing to her mom and to me. She is still my sunshine. She makes me happy when skies are grey . . .

Note: I am continuing my devotional study of 1 Thessalonians and will get back to it in my blog soon.


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