Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Our younger son turns five today. As I am writing this, my wife, daughter, and son are setting up for his birthday party. Cupcakes. Ice cream. A pinata filled with candy. Party games. A dozen or so friends. It should be great fun for all.

I am at home, having been overcome early this morning with strange side effects from my chemotherapy. Chills. Fever. Lethargy. And yesterday, I felt pretty good. I do not like to miss
these family events. But sometimes it is out of my hands.

When they all come home later this afternoon, I will enjoy hearing about the party and all the fun that was had. We will continue the celebration at home.
We will celebrate five years of joy and laughter that this little guy has given us. And we will pray that he continues to grow up into the young man that God created Him to be.


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