Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today is a new day.

In an hour, we will be going to my office at the church/school so that I can catch up on some paperwork, do some planning for school, etc. In two weeks from yesterday, my classroom will be filled with students eager to learn/hear my corny jokes/go to lunch/get to soccer practice/go home/get through the day without being embarassed. And I cannot wait! Well, I can. But I am really looking forward to being back with my students.

I have always been intrigued by perspective. Ways of looking at things. Artistically. Anthropologically. We all have different ways of looking at things. Often we can look at the same series of events and arrive at very different interpretations and conclusions. It is based on what we have learned. Our personality. Our values. Our experiences. Ultimately, all perspectives relate back to our view of God.

Is God real? Is He really sovereign? Does He care about me? Where is God when I am hurting? All good questions that must be answered.

I think I am starting the year with a renewed perspective. I am not completely sure what that perspective is, but one cannot go through what we have gone through in the past nine months without a change in perspective. At least, I do not think it would be possible.

I think my renewed perspective is consistent with Deuteronomy 6. Teaching children to love God and to love His Word. Teaching by example. Teaching out of an overflow of God's grace. Teaching through pain and loss. Through uncertainty. Through doubts. Teaching out of a relationship of mutual respect and trust. Teaching children how to apply truth in the everyday activities of life. Taking advantage of teachable moments.

Being sensitive to God's timing. Stopping. Observing. Listening. Where is she? Where is he? What does she need in this moment to draw her nearer to Christ?

Who is that boy in the third row? He is a child of God. He is of infinite worth and purpose. His creation. Created for His glory. Redeemed for His glory. Or in need of redemption. By the blood of Jesus Christ. The same blood that was shed for me.

I tend to think that I have less than two weeks to get my perspective straight. In reality, our perspective continually evolves over a lifetime as we grow closer to God. As we gain the mind of Christ. As we grow in our love and knowledge of Him. As we continue to experience the trials and challenges that God uses to shape us into who we were made to be.

My perspective will become very apparent to my students as we encounter life together in the classroom and in our community. God will use me to shape their perspectives. For better or for worse.

Perspective is not just something. It is everything.

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