Sunday, August 24, 2008

Acceptance Day Weekend

We returned home this afternoon from visiting our son at West Point for Acceptance Day. Seeing 1200 some new cadets join another 3000 was an awesome sight. Listening to the Army band. A very American day.

Our son is the second from the right in the photograph below.

Here is a photo of our family along with my parents, who drove up to SC to join us for A-Day.

Our three children . . .

Our son and two very blessed parents . . .

A great day. A great weekend.

We enjoyed spending time with our son. Hearing about his adventures from Cadet Basic Training. Even listening to him vent a bit about Reorganizaton Week. All in all, we know that he is in the right place and will do his best to give it everything he has. Leave everything on the floor or field, like we use say during basketball season or soccer season.

We thank God that He allowed me to be healthy enough to attend. Lord willing, our son will be home next week for Labor Day weekend. For now, we are thankful for these two days.


Mandie Schreck said...

Hey Mr. Bond its Mandie Schreck. I'm at Penn State University and just thinking that James is at West point gives me chills (not just because its cold in this computer lab haha!) I will be praying for him and your family as you all go through this transition. I know my parents are (especially my mom :) I send my love and prayers to you all and hope your doing wonderful! Love in Christ, Mandie

Stephen Family Blessings said...

I’m glad you people have the enthusiasm to passionately comment on this page. My mom is really getting into my nerves so I can’t be as passionate as you people are. Maybe I should ask her to attend a family blessings seminar with me.

renzo said...

I agree with you, I guess. I just don’t know how to argue just as passionately. Perhaps this is the result of attending too many Covenant Marriage seminars. I’ve mellowed somehow.