Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cancer Update

We just returned home from our visit to the orthopedic oncologist in Lancaster.

The biopsy of my right femur revealed active cancer cells - Ewing's Sarcoma. That means that it is most likely present in my left hip and upper left arm as well. These are the three areas of concern identified in my recent MRI.

We will discontinue my present course of chemotherapy. I will be seeing a pediatric oncologist (yes, a 45-year-old at a pediatric practice! I observed today that not only do I have a cancer most prevalent in children, I have gotten to the point where I can only eat child-sized portions.) in Hershey to explore options for treatment.

A friend asked me this afternoon, in an indirect way, if I was being honest about my feelings after getting this news. I am being completely honest when I say that I am not shocked, angered, or disappointed by the news. We will take one step at a time. God is in control.

It is not the path that I would have chosen, but God is using it to teach us so much about His love and grace. We continue to trust God each step of the way and are determined, by His grace, to please Him.

My wife and I are doing well. Our daughter seems fine. Our younger son really doesn't understand what is going on. Please pray for our older son as we share the news with him. It will be hardest on him, I think, because he is away from us and is already under great pressure.

I was thinking on the way home this afternoon about the joy that I have - not because of my circumstances, but because of Jesus Christ.

I was also thinking that God has blessed me with a wonderful life, a wonderful wife, wonderful children, a wonderful family, and wonderful friends.

Praise God, I plan to begin the new school year tomorrow. God is so gracious!


Jennylou Family Blessings said...

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