Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Perseverance

The word perseverance, as used in the list of character qualities in 2 Peter 1:6, comes from the Greek word hupomeno, which means to abide under.

To persevere is to remain under some form of discipline, to subject one’s self to something against which one naturally would rebel. To persevere is to bear up under the pressure of a heavy load.

Perseverance is a character quality which does not allow one to surrender to circumstances or give up when under a trial.

The best example of perseverance we have is from Jesus Christ Himself, “who for the joy set before Him endured [hupomeno] the Cross, despising the shame” (Hebrews 12:2).

Perseverance involves doing what is right and never giving in to the temptation or trial. It is the ability to deal triumphantly with anything that life can do to us. It accepts the difficult circumstances of life, does not try to find the first way of escape, but sees them as opportunities to grow and to glorify God.

Perseverance is a character quality that is developed in the trials of life. In my present battle of cancer, the character quality of perseverance in my life is being put to the test, and, in the process, being strengthened. From the beginning, I made a prior determination to please God. In this battle, despite the temptations to quit, I can never give up. I have no right to give up. To glorify God and to grow in Christ-likeness, I must endure the pain and suffering. I must persevere.


Kristen said...

I really like this, Mr. B. =) Hopefully I'll see you soon---you're in my prayers.

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