Sunday, May 25, 2008


Having cancer in my leg has decreased my mobility. As a result, I depend on my wife and my children to do many things that I used to do for myself. I need help with things like climbing up the steps, getting snacks, getting things from the other side of the room, and so on. My younger son is my official crutch-bearer!

Although I am getting pretty self-sufficient again with getting myself dressed, I do need my wife to help me get clothes out of the armoire and closet.

I think that my wife actually enjoys picking out my clothes - a little bit too much! Not only does she make sure that my shirt, slacks, and socks match, she also has to make sure that my hats (I have to protect this bald head from the elements!) match the rest of my outfit. My wife has taken to accessorizing me!

Lately, I have been wearing sneakers with a coat and tie to functions that require more than casual dress (banquets, church, etc.). Because of swelling, I can't seem to fit a dress shoe on my right foot. Now my wife wants my sneakers to match my jacket and tie! She has even discussed my need to have more sneakers in a variety of colors! This is for a guy that believes that basic black and brown dress shoes are sufficient for any wardrobe, male or female. I have never understood the need for women to have fourteen different pairs of shoes with purses, belts, and scarves to match! But I digress.

I actually find this all very humorous and, at the same time, am motivated to make progress in my rehabilitation so that I can once again pick my own clothes out of the closet with ease. And keep my shoe collection to a minimum: one pair of sneakers, one pair of work boots, brown dress shoes, and black dress shoes.

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