Friday, May 23, 2008

A Few Thoughts on a Nice Day

It is a beautiful day - sunny, a bit breezy, sky filled with puffy cumulus clouds. A welcome change after what seems like weeks of rain. I like the rain. Rain is a blessing from God. But when the sun shines, everything seems better.

The rain has ended. The days are sunnier and warmer, and I am feeling better.

Yesterday, we visited the oncologist. My blood counts are up. The doctor has decided to decrease the dosages of chemotherapy by 20% in order to try lessening the side effects.

Today, I had my third session with the physical therapist. I am making progress in increasing the range of motion in my knee.

Tonight, my wife and I will be attending our son's senior banquet. It will be fun to hear the senior wills and a recollection of their favorite memories.

Two weeks from tonight is graduation. It is hard to believe that eighteen years have passed since our older son was born. And now he is getting ready to graduate from high school. God has been gracious to him. God has blessed us through him.

All good things are gifts from God. For all these things we are thankful to Him.

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