Friday, July 11, 2008

I Choose to Follow You

I have been meaning to post this for a month now, and have finally gotten around to it. One of my older son's passions is playing the guitar and writing songs. Here are the lyrics to a song that he wrote for his high school graduation. He played it for his guests at his graduation party in June.

God, you’ve brought me through another year,
And now I find myself right here
At a crossroad in my life.
I have so many choices to make.
Which road am I going to take?
And now I’m crying out to You.

God, I need You every day.
I want to go to the straight and narrow way.
I need Your strength not to compromise;
I want to do what is right in Your eyes.
I will follow this road to the end.
I lay down my will; on You I depend.

I offer my life, a living sacrifice,
All to bring glory to Your name.
All to bring glory to Your name.

God, help me now not to stray;
For wisdom, Lord, I earnestly pray
To discern the right from wrong.
My whole life in front of me;
I know I can’t always see.
And now I’m crying out to You.

No matter what it may cost,
Even when all else is lost,
I choose to follow You,
Knowing that You will bring me through.
I choose to follow You.

It brings me great joy to know that he means every word of this. That he knows his own weaknesses and that God is his strength. That he needs God's wisdom to discern right from wrong. That He must trust God even when He cannot see Him working. That he has chosen to follow Him at all costs. That he has made a decision to glorify God above all else.

I know he will fail at times. We all do. But because He has made a choice to give His life for Christ, I know that His Savior will see him through.

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