Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chemo Eve, A Safari Hunt, and Another Quote

Time passes quickly. Another three weeks have passed and it is time for another chemotherapy treatment. This time, a one-day (half day, really) outpatient treatment. Typically, my body (my mind) starts to anticipate the treatment the night before. Chemo Eve. I lose my appetite and start feeling queasy. But not this time. I feel great. Except for my hip from Monday's "I forgot I couldn't walk" episode.

With our older son away and our daughter at camp this week, we have been enjoying time with our younger son. Last night, my wife hid his stuffed animals in the upstairs rooms and he used his flashlight in the dark to go on a "safari hunt." Today, they are going to the Lehigh Valley Zoo while I am receiving my treatment.

Lately, I can't help but to think how great it is to be alive! And not only that, but to know that I will live eternally with God in Heaven because of Jesus Christ. And God wants to use me, despite my failings, to bring glory to Himself.

In the Scriptures, God is frequently represented as searching for a man of a certain type. Not men, but a man. Not a group, but an individual. When God does discover a man who conforms to His spiritual requirements, who is willing to pay the full price of discipleship, He uses Him to the limit, despite his patent shortcomings. J. Oswald Sanders


LV Rainmakers said...

As Chairman of the Board of the Lehigh Valley Zoological Society, I daily receive google alerts from mom's showing off their day at the Zoo to friends and family. Well to say the least, I was taken back to read your blog. It is a beautiful day outside and I hope your family has a perfect day at the Zoo. I would like you to be my guest at our next sunset safari at the zoo, it is an evening event from 6-8PM by invitation only - the next one is sometime in August ( I will get you the date). In the meantime feel free to reach out to me - should you need anything. My website is and has my contact information

James Family Blessings said...

Thanks to you, now I know what is the real value of Family Blessings! Thank you very much for this blog!