Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tired, Yet Filled with Joy

Our home is abuzz with activity. It is graduation week. Family is in from out of town. More family is expected. Cleaning projects are happening. Fun is being had. But I am on the edge of it all.

I am so tired. The kind of tired where it is difficult to walk from one side of the room to the other without getting winded. The kind of tired that makes you wonder how you ever managed to take simple things like bending a knee or extending a toe for granted.

But I have. I used to never think about the simple tasks that are a chore for me right now. Now I do think about them. And I am more thankful for the simple things that the body can do. I am more amazed by God's creative ability.

Yet being on the edge of all the hustle and bustle of this week is a challenge. Wanting to be a greater part of what is going on - preparing for the party, entertaining our guests, helping out with chores and errands - gnaws at me, yet I am mostly helpless. I cannot do much for myself this week. I certainly can't do much for others.

Except visit. And encourage. And pray. Maybe that's enough. Yet the desire to do something is overwhelming.

I am trying to focus on the joy of this week - the joy of celebrating our son's graduation from high school with family and friends. Nothing can take away the joy of seeing a son complete the first major leg of his journey, fully prepared (we hope) for the next. I am tired, yes. But my heart is overwhelmed with joy.

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