Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh, What A Night! or How Great Is Our God!

Wow! What a night. Our son's graduation ceremony was a great event.

Our son did a nice job presenting his valedictory speech. I was blessed to be able to share a commencement address. I may be our academy's first commencement speaker to wear Converse tennis shoes and to sit down while speaking. It was like sitting in front of the class in the classroom, sharing my heart with them. A representative from West Point presented James with his official appointment to the Academy. We watched seven fine young men and women pass a major milestone in their lives.

What is most incredible to me is how great I felt. With such low blood counts, I should not have felt as well I did. I had great energy as I walked down the aisle with my colleagues and as I presented the commencement address. The whole night was a testimony to God's great strength in the midst of our weakness.

It was also a testimony to the power of prayer. We had many phone calls and e-mails yesterday with friends telling us that they were praying specifically for my strength and that I would not have mouth sores. And God honored those prayers. At the beginning of the week, we were discussing with the oncologist the possibility of having a transfusion. Yesterday, I was relatively strong. And the mouth sores that, based on past experience, should have arrived on Thursday, never came. Thank the Lord.

Today is a new day. I still feel relatively strong. Today we celebrate with a party. It will be a busy day. It will be a fun day. It will be another day to share how great is our God and how generous is His grace.

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