Friday, June 27, 2008

Only a Few More Days

Only a few more days with our eighteen-year-old son before he leaves for West Point. Only a few more days of late night talks in our bedroom. Only a few more days of telling him not to play so roughly with his younger brother. Only a few more days of banter between him and his sister. Only a few more days to be with the young man that we met a little over eighteen years ago via ultrasound technology.

The years have passed quickly. Learning to walk and talk. Learning to ride a bicycle. The first day of school. Soccer leagues. Little League baseball. Fishing. Playing in the stream. Canoeing at the lake. Family vacations. Maine. Thousand Islands, New York. High school soccer. Basketball. Playing games.

Great memories. A strong foundation in the Lord. A foundation that is ready to be built upon. As we observe. Pray. And perhaps, occasionally, have an opportunity to instruct and encourage. But his life is his to build. Not his, but the Lord’s. He is the steward. God is the architect. He is the builder. How faithfully will he follow the blueprints?

My wife and I are entering a new phase of parenthood with our oldest child. We have new lessons to learn. We thank God for the opportunity. We thank God for a son who has brought us great joy and blessings.


Steve Snavely said...

Pastor Bond:
Due to a death in the family of one of our church members, I am not able to do the "cookout" on Monday after the Oath Ceremony. I do hope you will be able to stop by and meet our family (whoever might be home) and be able to "check out" our church while in town. If not, Lord willing, we'll see you on Acceptance Day weekend in August.
Trust the Lord will bless His ministry through you tomorrow, and that you'll enjoy your time with James.
Yours & His, Steve

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