Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Reflections

We just got home from our morning worship service. It is always a joy to gather with fellow believers to sing songs of praise and worship, to unite our hearts in prayer, and to listen to the teaching from God's Word.

This morning, our pastor continued his series from Romans 12 on How to Think Like a Christian. Keeping in mind the mercies of God, he exhorted us to renew our thinking (or to allow our thinking to be renewed by the Holy Spirit) and to live transformed lives. With this as a template, he exhorted us to love others sincerely, hate what is wrong, and to love what is right; to give our all in everything we do as an act of worship; to keep our focus on God in trials, to focus on the joy of knowing Christ and by praying continuously; to demonstrate love to our brothers and sisters in Christ by helping to meet their real physical needs; to do what is right toward others even when we are wronged; to offer emotional support to those who are hurting; to remember that there are no class distinctions in the family of God; to be a peacemaker and to give up the need for personal vindication.

Passages of scripture such as this are particularly convicting as they are written as direct applications of the doctrines that have been previously taught.

I continue to thank God today for the strength that He has given me in spite of my low blood counts. I continue to thank Him for blessing us with such a wonderful son, as well as another daughter and son that bring us much joy. I continue to thank Him for blessing me with a wonderful wife and best friend.

I am thankful for the many opportunities I had yesterday to praise God for His abundant blessings on our family. To testify of His love, His grace, and His abundant provision for us.

God is great. God is good. To Him be all the glory.

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