Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Sometimes, people encourage me not to give up hope. Do I need the encouragement? Of course I do! Have I given up hope. No!

I have not given up hope. My hope is securely anchored in Jesus Christ.

There are moments of, course, when I stumble and put my focus on the circumstances instead of the God who reigns over all circumstances but, thankfully, those moments are seldom and last only a few minutes. God, through His Word and His Spirit, lifts my eyes back up and helps me re-gain the proper focus.

I complain about having cancer. I complain about the effects of chemotherapy. I get frustrated that I cannot do more than I am able to do. But, like I said, these moments occur only once in a while (maybe one day out of fifteen) and last only a few moments (a few minutes).

I try to blog those moments, because I think that others need to see my weakness and His great strength in all this. I am weak. He is strong.

Like I have said, we have made a decision to please God. We trust in Him. In Him we have our hope.

We have no reason to complain when we are children of the King of kings.

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