Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Re-Cap of My Week

Here is a brief re-cap of my week . . .

I checked into my room at the Lehigh Valley Hospital on Wednesday to begin my five-day chemotherapy treatment.

On Thursday, I woke up and read Psalm 131. In this psalm, David expresses his humility before the LORD and his contentment as he trusts the LORD to meet his needs. He also exhorts the nation of Israel to hope in the LORD. As we give testimony to the LORD in our words, atttiudes, and actions, we should encourage others to put their hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to eternal life. The anchor for our soul.

Other than talking to my wife and interacting with the nurses, much of my day was spent watching the roller coasters at Dorney Park (out my window), watching traffic on I-78, and reading a biography of Benjamin Rush. I was given two units of blood to increase my hemoglobin level.

On Friday, I read Psalm 146. The psalmist, in the first two verses, makes a commitment to praise the LORD while he lives, while he has his being. In Him we live and move and have our being. He exhorts others to place their trust in God, the Creator and Redeemer, the One who righteously and mercifully reaches out to those in need (verses 6-7).

I wrote a letter to my older son for my wife to take to him. She went home for the weekend. I received two more units of blood. I spent some more time reading about Benjamin Rush and watched cooking shows on the Food Network.

On Saturday, I read Psalm 150. The psalmist calls upon us to praise God on earth and in heaven with singing, dancing, and instruments. All of God's living creation should praise Him. Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!

Sunday. The last day. The nurses bumped up my chemotherapy schedule and had me finished by 11:00 am. By the time my wife and two sons arrived, I was showered, dressed, and ready to go!

That afternoon, we drove over to Lancaster and ate lunch at The Olive Garden. Seafood fettucine. What a treat. Then we checked into The Mill Stream Inn. We spent the afternoon at the pool.

On Monday, my wife and I picked up our daughter and niece at the train station in Thorndale, about 35 minutes away. They arrived home from my other niece's wedding in South Carolina the night before. We went our to lunch, spent the afternoon at the pool, then took my niece back to the train station. That night, we took the two older children to play miniature golf, while the rest of us observed the ducks and coy at a nearby pond. We capped off the night with ice cream (dessert first) and a visit to Sonic Drive-In. The chili dog was not such a good idea!

On Tuesday, we woke up, had breakfast, and our children went to the pool while my wife packed. We stopped at the bakery in Bird-in-Hand, a general store, and a few stores at the outlet mall. We dropped off our two older children at another outlet mall while we went to my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

We got the results of the pathology report on my tibia. Ninety percent of the tumor was killed by chemotherapy before being removed and the margins were all clear. This is GREAT news! There is not much healing going on in the grafts, but the surgeon was not too concerned at this point. He told me that I can increase my load-bearing on my right leg to sixty pounds, continue with physical therapy, and see him in twelve weeks.

After the appointment, we picked up our two older children, stopped by a market for some apple cider, sweet corn, and cherries. Then we headed off the an early dinner at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. It was seafood night! By 9:30, we were back at home.

When we arrived at home, I got to see new tile in our kitchen. A friend took a few days off work and tiled our kitchen for us while I was in the hospital. I was overwhelmed by both the beauty of the floor and the kindness of our friend.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the kindness of many such friends who pray for us, encourage us, and make sacrifices to perform such acts of kindness. We are truly blessed, and pray that we might be an encouragement to others as they face difficult circumstances.

We know that we are in God's hands. To Him be the glory and honor and praise forever!


suzyhomemaker said...

Oh, such HAPPY NEWS!! God is awesome. I am just so happy to read about your week and the blessing of good news. It is such an encouragement to get good news while going through treatment.

May God bless you with ever increasing good news-that your bone graft is healing, that the chemo is working, that the cancer is gone from your body, that your body heals from treatment fully and you return to optimum good health.

Oh, I am just so grateful that you had such a lovely week with your post treatment activities. How exciting to have a mini vacation during this time. And, what a pleasure to come home and see such incredible work on your house. It is these lovely interludes that reminds of how God works miracles every day. The more you notice, the more there are.

God bless you and heal you and turn you ever more into his image.


Roland Family Blessings said...

I’m glad you people have the enthusiasm to passionately comment on this page. My mom is really getting into my nerves so I can’t be as passionate as you people are. Maybe I should ask her to attend a family blessings seminar with me.