Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Will Declare His Name

I will declare Your name to my brothers; in the congregation I will praise You. Psalm 22:22.

Following David's example, I am compelled to give public testimony to what God is doing in the midst of this long trial, this battle with cancer. As I mentioned before, we expect the new year to be filled with hills and valleys, unexpected blesssings and new trials designed to train us in righteousness. In all, we are determined to trust Him and praise Him as the Sovereign God of Glory.

But today, today we praise Him and we rejoice because of good news. This is a "hill" day. The oncologist is pleased with my progress and said that my white blood cell count is good. So, for the next ten days I am able to get out - to visit friends, to see my children play basketball, and to attend church. I am looking forward to gathering with my brothers and sisters in Christ to worship our God together this Sunday.

My next round of chemotherapy, a four-to-five day in-patient stay, begins on Saturday, January 12th. Until then, I pray that I will use this time of relative good health to bring honor and glory to the God who created me, saved me, sustains me, and prepares me for an eternity with Him.

God demonstrates His love through [His] intimate, personal care of His children. - Joni Tada

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