Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disappointing News

Sometimes we do not get the answer we are expecting. Life, in fact, is full of unexpected answers. Things do not always go as planned. So, how do we handle these disappointments?

Yesterday, I went the doctor's office to have my blood counts checked. I had been anticipating this day. It would, or so I thought, be the day that the doctor would tell me that all is well and that I can resume somewhat normal activities for two weeks. I anticipated being able to attend some basketball games, visiting my students, attending church services, and getting together with friends..

But the results were not what I expected. It turns out that my white blood cell count is practically zero and my red blood cell count is low. So, I need to lay low for another week.

Am I disappointed? Yes. I was looking forward to being out and about for the week - under limits set by my wife, of course! But instead, I am homebound for the week. And that is OK. I know that God is still in control, and He knows much better what I need than I do. Sometimes, we need to step back. We need to retreat. We need to rest. And we find our rest in God.

He comforts us. He strengthens us. He prepares us for what lies ahead - even when (epecially when) we can't see what is ahead.

When we are faced with disappointment, we must trust God. He is in control. He will work our all things for our good (by His definition, not ours!) and His glory.

When disappointing news arrives, when things do not go as planned, we have a choice. We can waste a lot of time complaining, or we can accept and embrace our present circumstances, knowing that God is present with us.

For today, I have made my choice. May God be glorified.

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