Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Interesting Psalm

It is Saturday morning. Yet another beautiful spring day. The meteorologists report that the days will be turning cooler for a while. I am amused by the unpredictability of spring weather. It is a strong reminder that we to help, but have a limited understanding of God's ways. But despite our limited understanding of His ways, we can trust Him in all things because of His character. Because of who He is.

This morning, I was reading and meditating on Psalm 88. It is an interesting psalm. Not one that I would ordinarily turn to for comfort or guidance in difficult moments.

The psalmist has apparently been afflicted with some serious illness or injury from his youth. He has asked God for help, but feels that his prayers have been unanswered. It is evident that he does not understand God's ways.

He confesses despair. He feels that God has forsaken him. He has lost his friends. He feels trapped and helpless. He cries out for help, but feels like none ever comes. He feels like God is angry with him and has turned His back on him. He feels like bad things always happen to him and that nothing ever changes. He feels like he is stuck in a dark, forsaken world.

This psalm is interesting because it does not end on a positive note. There does not seem to be any resolution.

But this psalm teaches us about being open and honest with God. We can express our deepest thoughts, fears, and anxieties to God. He understands our struggles. He understands what we are going through. We live an imperfect world. Because of sin, our lives are messy. It is into this world that Jesus Christ came as our Savior and Redeemer.

As I struggle each day with cancer, and all the other trials of daily existence, I am imperfect in my responses. I do not always choose to do the right thing. To respond in the right way. My thoughts, words, and deeds do not always glorify God. But because of God's grace, because of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, I can receive forgiveness. And daily, by His grace, I learn how to put my focus on God and respond to circumstances in a way that glorifies Him.

As we face difficulties each day, we are not alone. Our heavenly Father is with us and understands us.


Maddie said...

This post was beautifully put. I completely understand your point here. No matter what, God is with us. He is there and just changing our view of the situation makes all the difference. Yes, life is unpredicatable and sometimes bad things happen to good people. We don't know why and won't until we can ask Him in person.

Until then, we can share everything with him. He listens to us, comforts us and lets us know He is holding us in our time of need. SOmetimes it really is difficult when you are tired, feeling sick, unable to do simple things anymore. Yet he can take all our words. He is big enough and bigger tha nwe know. It is OK to tell him how we feel.

I think God does answer all our prayers, but it is not always what we want.

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