Monday, April 7, 2008

A High Maintenance Husband and a Godly Wife

I am a high-maintenance husband these days.

In addition to everything else my wife does around the house, she helps me bathe and change my clothes, she changes the dressings on my surgical incision, she keeps up with my medication, and she helps me get from the sofa bed to the chair, to the bathroom, and back to the bed.

If there something that I need that is beyond my reach, she brings it to me.

I do not like being in this position of helplessness. I do not like adding to my wife’s burden. [She does not see me as a burden in the least.] I would rather be waiting on her. I would rather be taking care of her needs. But that is not the way it is right now. For now, I have to be content with my wife serving me.

By the way, I can still meet some of her greatest needs. I can listen to her when she needs to talk. I can pray with her and for her. I can hold her close and reassure her of my love for her.

But as far as manual tasks, I am not much help at all.

My wife is my best friend and my greatest encourager. I’ve said it before and I will probably repeat it again! Her love for me seems to increase as the trials with this cancer get more difficult. She has an inner strength and beauty that can only come from the Lord.

It has been a joy to see how my wife has remained close to God during this whole ordeal. Although her schedule is taxing, she has made time to read the Bible and several devotional books, and to pray. Because she has sought to remain close to God, He has blessed her with strength and patience.

Yes, there have been difficult times. There have been tears. There have been times when she has wanted all this to go away. But her overriding desire has been to please God and to serve me, her husband.

I love my wife. She is truly a gift from God.


Anonymous said...

hey, Mr. bond!! thank you so much for your blogs. I look at them whenever I can and it helps me throughout the day. God is so good!!

Karey Lowe

Harvey Covenant Marriage Seminars said...

I understand you. I guess that’s just the thing if you belong to the human race. That’s what I’ve learned when my wife and I attended a series of covenant marriage seminars.