Monday, February 18, 2008

Not All Things in Life Are Good

My wife and I are continually amazed by God’s provision for us. He knows our need and often provides for it long before we are even aware of our need.

Yesterday afternoon, we were discussing today’s basketball tournament with some friends. They asked if they could pick up our older son and daughter on the way and drive them to the tournament. Little did we know that later on that evening several events would occur that would leave us without a vehicle today.

Our son called at 7:30 telling us that he was on his way home from work, but that the car was making a funny noise. My wife told him to take a particular route in case we needed to come find him. A few minutes later, he called to tell us that he blew a tire and was along the side of the road.

My wife instructed him to call our insurance company and ask for a tow truck, and she set out in our van to wait with him. On her way, her brakes started to give out. She made it safely to the other side of the mountain she was on, pulled off the road, and called me.

I, at this point, am feeling totally helpless and unable to protect my wife and son. All I could do from home was pray. And that is what I did.

My wife called our friend Jim who has a tow truck to come rescue her. [His wife had given us his cell number about a month ago in case we ever needed it.] In the meantime, my son called and told me that the insurance company could not locate anyone to help us. I called Jim on his cell phone and asked if he could take care of James and his car before taking care of my wife and her van.

At 10:00, my wife walked in the door, while Jim and my son went back for the van.

For a moment, we looked at each other and, with smiles on our faces, asked, “Isn’t the cancer enough?” Then I added, “I guess not.”

That was the extent of our questioning of God’s working in our lives. We both know that He is faithful and He will provide what we need, no matter what circumstances may come our way. These days, we do not dwell much on the circumstances, but look for the lesson, the provision, or the blessing that accompanies the circumstances. We look for the evidence of God’s grace.

By 10:45, both our car and our van were delivered to the service station, and my wife and son were safely at home.

We were without vehicles, but God had already provided a way for our son and daughter to get to the basketball tournament!

A few minutes ago, another friend called and asked if she could pick up anything for us at the store. Again, God knows our needs and makes provision!

The temporary loss of use of two vehicles is not a great trial, but more of a nuisance. Nonetheless, such a nuisance can often cause us to lose our joy and to respond with grumbling and complaining. [I am speaking personally, but you may have had the same experience.] This time, though, we were able to handle it with the proper perspective.

By God’s grace, we will have the proper perspective more times than not in the days to come. We will continue to remember that God uses all things for our good and His glory.

I read recently that the Bible does not say that all things are good. The experience of vehicles breaking down is not good. Cancer is not good. Losing a job is not good. Losing a loved one is not good. Marital problems are not good. Not all things in life are good.

But, in the life of a believer, for those who love Him (see Romans 8:28) God causes all things to work together for good – that His purposes might be fulfilled.

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