Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Anchor Holds

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast . . . Hebrews (6:19).

Soon after I became a follower of Jesus Christ, I began listening to the music of Ray Boltz. One of my favorite songs is “The Anchor Holds.” As I had opportunities to sing in various churches and at Christian events, I often chose to sing this song. [One time, as I was singing, I happened to notice a large anchor in one of the church building’s stained glass windows. That anchor became a focal point as I sang the song.] I found, and I still find, assurance in the fact that Jesus Christ is my Anchor in the storms of life. He is the One I can cling to. In Him I have hope, no matter what storms may come.

For early Christians as well, the anchor was a symbol for hope, safety, and security. The symbol would often be seen in caves, where Christians hid during times of Roman persecution. Imagine the fear that they experienced as they thought about the dangers that lurked outside the protection of the cave. Though they faced much uncertainty in their temporal circumstances, they had a confidence in their future. They had confidence in the One who held their future.

As I sit here for many hours in my chair, day after day, there is much uncertainty. What will the next blood test show? Will I be able to get out of the house? What about the latest MRI? Is the tumor in the bone decreasing in size? Will the cancer metastasize into my lungs or lymphatic system? In this uncertainty, there is potential for much worry. But in the midst of all this uncertainty, there is also hope. I have an anchor for my soul.

According to verse 19, the “anchor of our soul” is our hope. Jesus Christ is our hope. The hope He offers is a promised future – a future that is both sure and steadfast; and it is the finished and purchased work of Jesus, our great High Priest. The hope of our future salvation is certain. The hope of our future salvation is an anchor to steady our souls in the present storms of life.
God has not promised me an easy life. He never promised me that I would go through this life without pain, suffering, or cancer. In fact, His Word promises me that there will be much pain, suffering, and uncertainty in this life. And His Word promises me that this is all temporary, and it all has a purpose.

As our High Priest, Jesus serves as the anchor of our souls, the One who will forever keep us from drifting away from God. John MacArthur

In the storms of life, we must cling to Jesus. The Anchor holds.

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Peter Carl said...

I agree with you, Jesus Christ is our anchor that we can hold on no matter what endeavors may come into our life. Family blessings should I say that makes my relationship with Christ more anchored. Great Post!